We started with Grandma’s recipe and a desire to share culture through a flavor first described by Hippocrates. We added our own sparkle, kept it organic, and used just enough pure cane sugar to stay true to its heritage. The drink is a modern spin on a drink that was shared throughout the region.

It’s light, sophisticated and refreshing. Enjoy!

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Candy along the Silk Road – A Journey to Chico…

  The last two days in Chico were momentous and shareable. Silk Road Soda won a first place Globie Award at Innovate North State for most innovative new product in the Food and Ag category.   I am grateful for … Continued

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Spring and Nowruz: It’s a New Day

SPRING is HERE!!! – March 20th, at exactly 9:57am PDT the Spring Equinox will officially be in the books for 2014. Why does the exact time matter, you ask? It is Nowruz, the most important day on the Persian Calendar. … Continued

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