We started with Grandma’s recipe and a desire to share culture through a flavor first described by Hippocrates. We added our own sparkle, kept it organic, and used just enough pure cane sugar to stay true to its heritage. The drink is a modern spin on a drink that was shared throughout the region.

It’s light, sophisticated and refreshing. Enjoy!

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VIDEO: Silk Road Soda, A Mediterranean Refresher

Our promo video is here. Drink it up! Silk Road Soda has grown exponentially in the last year and we couldn’t be more excited! Summer 2014 is right around the corner and a Silk Road is the perfect compliment for … Continued

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Queens of the Stoneage concert as seen by Silk Road Soda owner Payam Fardanesh

Queens of the Stone Age trying Silk Road Soda: MUSIC and CONNECTION

    I love music! Artist are not simply artist, they are my creative friends. Like Indian Gods, they all have their strength, weaknesses, teachings, and intentions.   I dig deep into lyrics as a poetic pastime. Listening over and … Continued

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