Queens of the Stone Age trying Silk Road Soda: MUSIC and CONNECTION

Queens of the Stoneage concert as seen by Silk Road Soda owner Payam Fardanesh 


I love music! Artist are not simply artist, they are my creative friends. Like Indian Gods, they all have their strength, weaknesses, teachings, and intentions.


I dig deep into lyrics as a poetic pastime. Listening over and over to the same song with lyrics in hand trying to empathize with each verse, and often each word. Take “Empty” by Ray LaMontagne. It’s hard for me to listen without a wild imagination: what color was her skirt, what color were the leaves, the rain must have been light to hear the applause, her blouse definitely silk, on and on Ray goes on about his trials and being comforted by this one soul. Immensely beautiful in every way, over and over and over . . .


I attended many concerts, but don’t really enjoy them. I listen to songs over and over, like trying to solve a puzzle. However, I gladly go to pay homage, to give back and support the musical poets that keep my mind active. It is a small fee for the hours of pleasure, thought, and openness they give.


So how could I give back and show gratitude? Last week I attended a Queens of the Stone Age (Queens) Show in Reno, and I love Queens. Grimy, raw, passionate, humble, deep and always growing…


I took a case of Silk Road to Reno with the full intention of sharing it with Queens!


Crazy? Yep!


Doable? Always!


Memorable? Ya, sure, it seemed like the least I could do.


So we got there early and I went “roadie” hunting, but found none. Keep trucking, I told myself, something would happen.


How much time have I spent listening to their music: Little Sister, Sat by the Ocean, Misfit Love, Art of Keeping a Secret. I owed it to them! I would be an ungrateful fan if I did not try my hardest. J


I chatted up the man sitting next to me at a burger joint; he was a security guard for large venues. My heart started pumping; this was my connection, the Dharma for my intention.


I asked politely, “I want to give the band a present how would I go about this.” He said, “Find the security director tell them your story and that you want the case to go to production. Production would then take it to the band.”


So, off I went with case in tow.


I met a security officer and she took me to her leader. He listened intently to my drink story, my love for the band, my culture, and of course, my grandmother.


I think he felt that he was now part of the story. He said, “You need to write a note on the box for the band and leave me your card, in case they want to reach you.”


I said, “Sir this is a present. I don’t want to be contacted.“ He convinced me to write a small note to the band, and then he told me he would personally walk the case to them. He gave me a quick confident wink and away he went.


In my wildest dream Josh Homme (Queens front man) would have walked on stage with a Cucumber Mint and screamed, “Who made this crazy drink? Please come onstage and sing Go with the Flow with us.” Dreams are incredible and are often better than the real thing!


The show was incredible. I was not called to stage, but the band did get my drinks. I felt the energy. I am sure that they tried them, and my mission was accomplished. Queens of the Stone Age have tasted Silk Road Soda.


All I had to do was ask, with an open heart and pure intention.


Take every opportunity possible to make mini miracles in your life. It makes life worth living and is a great way to spread gratitude and goodness everywhere.

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