Silk Road Soda Makes Top Trends of 2014

Wow! What a whirlwind of a trip we had going down to San Francisco to the 2014 Winter Fancy Food show last month. We had high expectations for the event, and they were definitely met! In fact, I’d say they were blown right out of the water, and we are so incredibly grateful for the recognition and positive feedback received for our Silk Road Sodas, and for all the new friends we’ve made along the way.

Silk Road Soda Named Top 5 Trends at 2014 Winter Fancy Food Show

We even made the list of top 2014 specialty food trends unveiled at Winter Fancy Food Show! A group of food journalists and cookbook authors spent three days scouring the more than 1,300 exhibit booths, searching for the best of the best, to identify the leading food and beverage trends at the show, and the result was the top trends list. Mint was big this year, but of course, we already knew that *:)

The after-burn continued the excitement, as food bloggers and journalists took to their keyboards to give Silk Road Soda a shout out. A couple notable mentions were from OMG!Yummy, Trendmonitor, SF Gate, and Cooking With Amy. Thanks to all of you for your interest and support in sharing our cherished family recipes with the world.

Spring of 2014 is shaping up to be a busy one, and we’ll be keeping you posted as we move through these busy months. A big thanks to friends, family, retail shops, restaurants & most important, Silk Roaders – your inquisitive and discerning palates will keep us pushing for better, fresher, and cleaner refreshers – always!

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