Spring and Nowruz: It’s a New Day

SPRING is HERE!!! – March 20th, at exactly 9:57am PDT the Spring Equinox will officially be in the books for 2014.

Why does the exact time matter, you ask? It is Nowruz, the most important day on the Persian Calendar. I love culture, my body craves knowing about others, and discovering what makes them shine. I’m a lucky man for having been raised in two distinct cultures. This quick explanation of Nowruz will shed light on me, my Persian half, and why Silk Road is special.

Nowruz – is the Persian New Year and means literally New Day. It is also celebrated in many neighboring countries if you are interested (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nowruz)

In every Persian home is a gathering table (pictured) called Haft Sin (The 7 S’s).

Sikl Road Soda - Nowruz

Each of the 7 items represent an important symbol of life, here goes:

1) Sabzeh (wheat or lentil grass) is a “Symbol of Rebirth”
2) Somanu (sweet pudding) is a “Symbol of Affluence”
3) Senjed (dried fruit from the oleaster tree) is a “Symbol of Love”
4) Serkeh (vinegar) is a “Symbol of Age and Patience” – this is where Silk Road fits in and can be used on the Haft Sin table. As for Age and Patience, I do pretty well on both of those too.
5) Sib (apple) is a “Symbol of Beauty and Health”
6) Sir (garlic) is a “Symbol of Medicine”
7) Sumaq (Persian Spice) is a “Symbol of the color or Sunrise”

Nowruz lasts for 12 days, the 13th day is seen as bad luck in the home, so on this day people picnic.

I love this Holiday, and how it represents Spring, New, Fresh, and Vitality. I think we all crave Spring in our own little way, and if your Persian or a halfie, you blow it out a little.

When we cross paths, please tell me about your cultural traditions. Even if they are only celebrated in your home, they are important. These differences unite us; they give us each our own little story to share. Thanks for reading, and please share this fun day and post with friends.

Lastly, the way to greet a Persian during this time is “Aide-eh-shoma-Mobarak” = Happy New Year. And be careful, they may kiss you on both cheeks in glee.

Yay for Spring!

Motshakeram (Thank You).

Payam (The Messenger)

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